Thursday, January 17, 2008

Seattle, Space Needle, New Years

so after my 18hr grey hound bus ride, threw 4 mountain passes & 2 snow storms... i arrive in seattle. let me just say this. for anyone wanting to see the country side via bus... all you would see during the winter is snow! which is not very interesting!
so i leave the grey hound bus terminal, its 11:30pm & this is what i see... suddenly i remember that i have no idea were to go!
i for got to print any information on the place i was supposed to be staying in that night!
didnt know were it was & how to get there!
... but you know, luckly for me it started raining softly :(
so i have 3 bags & a arm in a cast, dont know were to go & its raining...

i meet some people who are staying in the same hostel as i am & follow them to the hostel! cozey :) fire place & DVD's going on the lap top...
my room is on the 3rd floor, when i wake up in the morning this is what i see!
not bad! im impressed, that 30min bus ride 2 the 'out of the way' hostel was kinda worth it!
so there is my bed! i was annoyed that there was no place to store my lugage! just leaving it on the floor is not good enough! i have a laptop!!! im not just going to leave it on the floor while i explore the city! u mad?
well there's that view again!
& im just enjoying that fire place...
my uncles John & Darren got me a book of the top 10 things to do in Seattle... (10 best... places 2 stay, places to eat, things to see...)
well that climbing wall was i of the 10... so i crossed it off my list! looks like it could be fun in the summer!
well here is the Green Tortoise Seattle Hostel! there is the link! now as you can see my stuff is safe... i can lock my stuff up & enjoy the city with please of mind! how ever there is no view! (not really a big deal since i only really spent 4hrs in the hostel - that was the 4hrs i slept!)
there's Pike's public fish market!
i donno, maybe they'r going GREEN... saving the environment? :)
im waiting in mind for the sky train... or mono rail... to go c...
... this!!!
the space needle!
now keep in mind, its the 31st of December... the last day of 2007... & im going to the top of that :D
using this $16 ticket - mono rail was $4...
& this is what i see when i get to the top!!!
red bull @ the top :)
& there is the needle again, just after sun set! all the lights r on...
obviously i couldn't miss this!!!
got a $5 IMAX ticket to see 'beavers'... the other option was 'i am legend' the IMAX was ok... wouldn't recommend running out to see beavers...
as you know... the human genome was solved...
these guys were cool... all robotic!

so there's the GT new years eve pre party! free beer from 8pm till the keg finishes...
theres Anna, from Italy, staying in Santa Barbra for a year!
cant remember here name... but...
her friend was kinda freekin me out... that was a bit 2 close 4 comfort! just like my cast!
more free beer!!! 4o FL OZ... thats like a leter!!!

since the photo was blurred, i took video!
Dimitri's JAZZ ally...i had to take a photo of it... & yes it was in a ally!
went to the EMP - Experience Music Project! - Chris... think u would like this place... A LOT!!!
well i did a lot of walking in seattle... i think this is round about were my blisters started...

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