Tuesday, January 29, 2008

San Fran!!!

you could say i wasnt really thinking when i got 2 the SEA-TAC air port... i 4got 2 move shampoo, shower gel & shaving cream into my checked items... so i was searched like a...
when i got out the subway station, this is what i saw! (not bad!)
get my picture taken with 1 of the locals :)
i walk past a lot of nice buildings... this is one of them! i realize that i have a bit more walking 2go!
i get the feeling im getting close...
i get there & i gotta say... there's nothing like free food!
good friendly crowd 2 party with!
good place 2 "download large e-mail attachments!"
the very next day it was raining like hell!
but if you think i cam all this way NOT to walk over the golden gate bridge...
then you were wrong... very wrong!!!
& there's the view from the other side of the bridge!!!
on the way back i passes sum church!
the next day it was still raining like krazy, so i went 2 the California institute of science & saw sum ?fish?
here's another big 1!
its a giant sea bass! freaky lookin!
i bought a certain something for a certain someone there...
im standing behind the USS sub marine... the tour was closed (noticed the fencing) i was quit upset about that!
well im a little happier now... 2bad its just a wax museum :(
Nick... i know you would do the same thing :)
left - activist
middle - Diane - a cape tonien!
live music ALWAYS goes down well :)
& these 2 are from Scotland!

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