Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Yellow Stone

2 my surprize i got a chance 2c yellow stone national park!
there i have arrived!
there was a sign saying something about fort yellowstone! didnt read it but stood next 2 it!

there was water shooting out that rock! a gizer!!!

well we got lost trying 2 find the car park & decided 2 run! u'l c in the video i kinda fall & sprain my ancel!
we find the car & im soooooo happy!!!!!
@ mammoth hot springs, just like chico hot springs just with a different name!
there is a rock formation...
liberty cay - a dormant hot spring!
lots of elk
close up!
male with horns!
buffalo... i ended up eating a buffelo burger that day :)
more buffalo!
cook city, a snow mobiler's heaven!
45th parallel!!!!! - u can read the sign!!!

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