Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Los Angeles

time 2 fly 2 LA!

i get a tour of the immediate Hollywood area
think John was trying 2 say something here?
the Walt Disney concert hall!
US Bank building!
MORE beer!
went 2 the Petersen Automotive Museum!
tricked out trike
krazy sound!
i DIE & go 2 heaven!
Voyager 1 - half scale!
Mars rover

the famous pink's... (i stood in that LONG QUEUE...)
for THIS!!! a (expensive) chilly dog - nothing special personally, but now at least i can say iv done it!

saw the stars! :)
street art!
more street art! this dude looks like he baked in the sun!
santa monica beach
got my feet wet!
Venice beach
MOM!!! i cant tell u enough how much i miss home cooked food! cant wait 4 that again!
i die & go 2 heaven! @ John's work in the server room :P
Chris!!! i went in2 this store JUST for you! its a 3story building just selling guitars!
John's boss heard i saw a NICKS game & got me tickets to see the LA Lakers... @ the staples Center!
Lakers won, 110-105
after the game we had a beer @ this bar! the water changes color every few minutes! very cool!
i really love Heineken!

if i could do it all agina... i would do it here!
Anna goes to UCSB!
just look @ that!
just like in the movies!
@ sum club near UCLA
i LOVE roller coasters!!!

i was SO pissed off! they wouldnt let me ride this, because of my cast :(
but it would have looked like that!
& that!
i made up for it here!

well there's Hollywood
turn my head 180 degrees & what do i see?

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