Thursday, December 13, 2007

week2 - xmas party & shopping frenzy

hi every1,

this is pizza hut!

that was my pizza

there is me & Annie eating the pizza

here is the xmas supper party of last nite! thats my table

there is my starter, cream spinish, fried chees (wtf) bbq chicken

thats all the south africans

thats my mains! ribs, prawns, pumpkin, salad, chicken

i just thought i'd help the catering company clear the half empty bottles of wine! that wine was all from south aftica, stellenbosh!

When i woke up i had a BIG head ache! so i went 2 wendy's & got a double burger! ... noting beats burger king! wendy's sux!

Annie wanted 2 ride the bull!

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