Wednesday, December 5, 2007

me in USA

1st of all nobody knows or understands that there r white people living in africa as well... when most americans ask me were im from & i reply - from South Africa... 1stly they dont know were it is so i explain that it is in the southern tip of africa...

when they say America is the fattest country then weren't lying! that 1 slice of pizza & it filled me up! i have how ever put on 2.5KG's in the week or so that i have been here! but let me start the story from the begging!

airport... i was 2 fly out the day after my birthday - which was awsum so thank 2 every1 who was there 2 add 2 the fun! so i arrived with 3 or so hours till the flight time, i was supposed 2b off the ground @ 7:10... & I arrived @ about 3pm... now there is lots of walking 2 do & im not up 4 it so i asked Anni 2 push me in a wheel chair :)

yeah that was more like it! anyway the flight was delayed 3hrs... we only left the ground @ 10pm :< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">now SAA ran out of water @ about 1am... so i had 2 drink Heineken while i watched the in flight movies!

anyway so i arrive in USA... lets take a little walk down Broadway!
i did not eat there & i have not eaten Mc Donald's since i have been in the USA!

there was this big ice rink in the middle on NYK with a xmas treee - but they were still busy decorating the tree! & i didnt have time 2 go skate!
yes i went in2 the NYK library's! was nice... 4 a library, ill save u the board um of looking @ photos of books & just show u...

this is the room were they part of "the after tomorrow" was shot... not sure if any1 will remember but when they'r stuck in the library & they have 2 burn books 2 keep warm... they'r in this room burning books in that fire place!
down in grand central station - & buy the way the subway is super dodge, not like the metro in Greece -
i went 2c a basket ball game - the NYK nicks vs the Utaha Jaxx or something like that.. i got dodge tickets for $25 & had 2 sit right & the back... the game was so boooooring... every 3min 1 team would call time out 4 something stupid... its not as fast passed as rugby!

the next night Jeanie treated me 2 a night out in NYK which was awsum :)
sushi, 2 bars & a club! all exclusive stuff!

that night ended @ 3:30 then i have 2b back @ grand centeral station @ 6:30 2 catch the 3day bus 2 Livingston, Montana! now i hated every bit of that bus trip!

here was a mc'd's that we stopped @ but i ate @ the buger king instead which is way way better than mc'd'sso i arrived in billings Montana, almost there!
finally after 3 days on a bus, having 2 sleep sitting up right... i arrive in Livingston Montana. now its just a 30mile ride 2 Chico Hot Springs!

thank u Laura 4 the OUZO im gonna have a shot every day after work & think of u! it was starting 2 freeze because it was in by bag which was in the under carriage of the bus for 3 days & we were driving threw snow!

here we are! the 4 South Africans in Pray Montana!
thats just a massive packet of chips!!!
the owner of Chico's car, but they call it a truck ? 1 thing that pisses me off about USA is that people lave their 3ton cars running, if they walk in2 a building 4 a bit & it pollutes! as well as being so f@cking lazy... instead of walking 30meters 2 the next building they will start their big ass cars drive 30m then switch it off, drop something off, start the engine again then drive 30m back... WTF!
there is me staring a moose or elk or what ever that is called!

& im strangling it!
This is Chico!
here is the saloon :)
here is a hall way in the main hotel!
here is the geo-thermal pools, valcano's heat up the water in the under ground water table, that water gets pumped in2 these pools 110 degrees F!

here is my room! its above the saloon :)
as u can see... i can care less 2 clean my room!

so im going 2 make a blog post once a week 2 keep all u posted! :)


Paulo said...

trust me bru. I know exactly what you mean, after explaining to one yank about South Africa being at the most southern point in Africa. He responded with "is that close to Italy"??

Brilliant bru. Keep up the posting, and keep on representing SA.

Myrtle & Nigel... said...

hey dimitri looks like you're having a gas so far. except for the bus ride. is the us what you expected? ok, so you obviously expected broadway, macdonalds, basketball, hot chicks in night clubs, etc but what about the rest?!!
keep in touch and have a blast.
take care,
auntie myrtle & uncle nigel

Louanna said...

Thanks for writing this.