Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Build 2

This Weekend (Saturday to be precise) I finished the McWire RepStrap mechanical side... The Z stages was all I needed to get done...
My captive nut was secures by a copper U shaped clamp. It had 6mm holes already. I counter sunk the top side of all the stages so that the mounting screws can be flush. Its an M8 nut.
X stage with captive nut & M8 thread rod. Some 20mm tubing is used to connect the stepper motor to the thread rod.
Same thing for the Y stage.
Vertical base with Flange attached, Z rails & the Z bearing arms to hold the Z stage to it.
Close up of the Z bearing arms on the vertical base. I used some angle bracket to attach the bearing arms. The holes that mount the bracket to the perspex are 3mm, I had to widen the other end to 6mm so that the bearing arms could be held properly with a M6 bolt. There is a self tapping screw with a spring to pull the arms together.
There we are... all done! The flange is mounted with (not enough) thread lock. Everything has just enough clearance to pass. Click on the pic for a high res view! You'll see that the Z stage is leavel!

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