Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekend Build 1

Here are the photos & the story for last weekend's build!
Bolt -> perspex -> washer -> bearing -> washer -> nut
I bought the wrong size bolts so I had to cut them down to size.
I had to clamp a #13 spanner to the table then use a screw driver to fasten it.
The first bearing arm done.
There were fine particles of metal powder form the hack saw that stuck to the bearing. :( they were all nice & oily, moved nicely when I bought them. Not any more.


The hack saw blade that came with the hack saw snapped in 4 places!
Bearing arm shattered! I think I had the clam on too tight whilst trying to cut the bolt shorter...
X stage perfectly parallel with 1 Y rail support mounted
Y sage on top of X stage, all working nicely after a 2nd attempt at the y stage rails... the first attempt was badly miss aliened. Take a look at everything working here:

This weekend I will try get the Z stage done & then start making PCB's again.

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