Thursday, January 15, 2009

McWire - metal done: Part 4

Today I did all the metal work.
In my lunch hour I went to the skate shop & bought 16 ABEC3 bearings for R160 so R10 a bearing...
Cut the aluminum angle iron [35mm X 35mm] with a hack saw. It was a new hack saw so i just used the blade that it came with, which seamed pretty decent since it was a ~R150 hack saw... I clamped it at 1 end & left the other (larger) end to hang free, that way the weight of the bigger piece would make a gap & it worked out easier to cut this way than having both sides clamped.
The cutting left burs that need deburing, so I...
Used a file so file down all the burs, using my thumb to gage weather it was acceptable.
Drilled all the angle aluminum. Looking that the line of the door & the line of the drill bit, you can see I'm not quite parallel... not quite square :(
& again there was "walking" of the drill bit... really annoying because once your at this point you have to continue.
I had to convert the 21" & 13" to millimeters for the U aluminum.
I tried to use as much down force as possible & to cut as fast as possible. Both the U and angle aluminum pieces can be cut in under 30 seconds. Aluminum is a softish metal I'm told.
There you see all the metal cut to size. I will only drill the U aluminum once i have the fasteners for the perspex... which I will have to sort out on Saturday.


nophead said...

You can centre holes more accurately. Start with a centre punch. Then drill a small pilot hole, 2mm is a good size. Then use the bigger drill.

For large holes that I want accurate I sometimes use several drills.

OuZo said...

Thanks nophead... maybe I should slow down & stop rushing things... I just want the McWire fully assembled by the end of the weekend & the full repstrap built before the end of the month...

I'm starting honors this year & I will have to give it my full attention...