Sunday, September 15, 2013

HMI dev

Me at MPT
 A switch that was printed
1 of Meno's choppers

 My CNC machine I decided to bring to work
 The HMI Android application plugged into the UC board
 Some C code from the Digi

 HMI screen shots

 More C code
 A raspberry pi
 HMI power source change request dialogues

 Triple change over panels in the test
 I moved my desk to the test centre to maximize and optimize my time.
 Some Android HMI code
 UC board with Digi
 UC, PS, Digi, + Android
 Test Android app to confirm the readings. This app proved there was interference on the USB lines. Inductors were added to the UC board and ferrite cores were put on both ends of the USB cable.
Our team working out some problem.
 A clients car
 Pascal and I in the test center
 Android HMI in the panel connected
 Another beautiful clients car

 More pics of Menos chopper

 My TODO WIP list

 Big picture
 I had to re do all Winjit's work. This put me in a really tough position. Companies need to be VERY VERY careful before out sourcing engineering and programming work.

 WIP lists
 Another of Menos choppers

 Myself working on the distribution.

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