Monday, June 25, 2012

Mumbai Business Meeting

It was April 2011, I'm standing in the Lucknow domestic departure terminal waiting for my flight.
Those who get places are the ones that keep moving... :)
 My flight from Lucknow to Mumbai, It was a night flight and it was delayed.
 The hotel room at the Taj Lands End.
 View from the other side
 View of Mumbai in the morning from my hotel window.
 more view
 Later on we would travel over that bridge
 Into the city for the meeting with NSN and Vodafone
 Views from the street
 Just tall buildings everywhere
 Chaos in the streets
 like colones of ants...
 Back in the Taj Lands End - On of the bars on the mezzanine level.
 Out towards the pool
 I'll always know what time this was taken!

 A massage would have been nice after Lucknow!
 Time heals all wounds - but that's now water under the bridge!
 I sat with Grant and Matthew and we had a few drinks by the pools while discussing events from our respective pasts.
 That bridge is visible from the pool area as well
The flight I really really did not want to be on... The flight from Mumbai to Lucknow! This was week 10 in India and I really really wanted to go home. I had missed out on so much in life back in South Africa. I missed Easter, I missed the Comrades marathon which I wanted to participate in.
That last week in Lucknow was the longest and the most terrible!

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