Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stepper demo

Here is a short introduction to my RepStrap or CNC machine.

I demo the stepper driver and the stepper motor running the RepStrap test code, stepping the Y axis.

As mentioned... I have no idea how to tell what parts of the wires coming out of the stepper motor are the A,B,C,D wires. All I do know is which two wires make a pair. I couldn't figure out the ABCD cables connection block either. I clamped the wires to small metal parts, then put them inside the plastic female. When I tried to plug the connections block into its male pins the wires poped out. So I have just improvised for now.

The ribbon cable that has ten (10) wires in it... I cant figure out why there was a need for ribbon cable and where the other end of the ribbon cable is supposed to plug into? since only three (3) wires are used and there is no place on the Arduino or the break away board for ribbon cable connection blocks...

Lastly, I may have popped the main or secondard IC on the stepper driver board. I might have not connected the wires properly or something. Nothing was happening & the heat sink was getting really hot. Hope I haven't done too much damage there.


Paulo said...

nice one dimitri. some photos would b cool.

Anonymous said...

The ribbon cable is there so you can easily connect the module to a Sanguino of the RepRap motherboard.

The voltage regulator getting warm is normal, but it getting to the point of melting plastic is not. If it is EXTREMELY hot, you probably did something wrong. Compare the two boards to see any differences.

Mat said...

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