Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get a room!

Up till now, these have been my working conditions.
One paint tray for ferric chloride, one to rinse afterwards. Not ideal... In the top left corner, there are mattress, Then there is a cadac gas braai & scottle. My UV box, (yes I tried photo resist before toner transfer PCB etching) a suitcase, hydrogen peroxide & some more braai stuff. You can see where frerric chloride has spilled on the floor!
I went with my Dad to his hardware so we could pick up some stuff for the workshop. I got a big desk, about 165cm in length, and a cabinet that is on the roof. It was back breaking work loading & unloading this stuff!
I took every thing out the room. Sweeped the flore to get all the dust out, then deceded to spray the whole room down with a hose to get rid of cobwebs & all the other sand...
Here is the result of a lot of hard work & sweat! I have my own space to "play" with for this project.

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