Monday, January 12, 2009

changing tips on a magnum 1002

There were no instructions in the box on how to change tips on my magnum 1002 solder iron, looking back I should have google'd around a bit before doing what I did!
So I unscrewed what I thought was just a heat shield. Nothing happened & the original tip seamed to be firmly held in place still... what i should had done was pulled it a bit harder, it would have come off & then I could have swapped it out with the SMD tip... unfortunately that's not what I did! :(
I took apart the body of the soldering iron! This is a big mistake... I have made it so no one else needs to make it.
Out of interest this is the other side.
All this time the original tip was still in, only once the iron was apart did it fall out. I put it back together. there is the SMD tip I bought, which i later found out is a terrible tip to work with :(
a glowing tip... I don't think so... there is obviously a BIG problem! Not what I need right now...

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