Thursday, October 9, 2008

MSI Wind U100 - Gentoo LiveUSB boot

I recieved my MSI Wind U100 on Wednesday the 8th of October & was smiling the whole way home...

I wanted the Linux version, but it came with less impressive hardware, so i went for the Windows XP Home version for the sole purpose of the extra 512MB ram, better web cam & Blue Tooth.
Here you can see it next to my HP DV9607US currently running Kubuntu 8.04 64bit - also due for gentoo in the December holidays.

The keyboard takes a bit of getting used to. I'm used to a full size keyboard. & a 17" screen :)

Video shows XP running. Here is what i changed:
  1. Uninstalled MS Office 2007 (it was a trial version i think?)
  2. Installed OpenOffice
  3. Removed Norton
  4. Installed Avast (Home Free version) - WinClamAV would have been just as good
Then i de-flowered the "Designed for Windows XP Home" Badge :D

Rebooted with the gentoo 2008.0 LiveUSB ( ) - Press F11 repeatedly at boot time to choose the boot menu, then select the USB key. It would also probably have worked with a SD card or something similar. I used the minimal iso. Its 80MB.


SaulK said...

Nice laptop, I am infinitely jealous.

I'd recommend you try Ubuntu Netbook Remix though. It's all the niceties of Ubuntu with an interface made for a Netbook. Then again, I'm a Linux noob who wouldn't know Gentoo from Slackware to SUSE!

OuZo said...

i took a brief look @ Ubuntu remix... & not thanks... gentoo is the only way