Thursday, January 31, 2008

San Diego

pub crawl time!
Kirsten, a kiwi
Gabrielle (ausi) & Kirsten
Dugan (kiwi) on the right makes a plan 2go2 Tijuana!

they paint their donkeys like zebras!
$1 corona!
good times!
supper time... a Mexican family platter so we could try out the local chow!

i cant remember what the translation of that was but it was something about teeth!
no explanation required!
welcome aboard the USS Midway 41 - aircraft carrier! (remember earlier i was angry i couldn't go aboard the sub! I'm making up for that here!)
life aboard the Midway 41
im @ the controls :)
a message 2 who ever that gets pointed @! sux 2bu!!!
TAG!!! ur it!!!
ready? GO!
on my 1st mission, i went to...

Aerospace museum :)
Apollo 11 space lander pod

Apollo space module
Bell labs - 1 of the original 12 GPS satellites launched
Balboa Park

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